Making Sure Our Music Is Not Only Entertaining, But Tells "The Truth" 


+ The Positive Hip Hop  Element

                                                                                       Taking it to the Next Level.

Positive hip hop has evolved in recent years. Much like good vibed rock bands, positive rappers are some of the most underrated hip hop artists in the scene. Their rhymes revolve primarily around evangelical themes and preaching the good book.

But complimentary hip hop artist's can also have fun with their music, as long as they have positive overtones, which is the number one identifying trait of the genre. Over the past few years, positive hip hop has become more popular and has been accepted as a smoother way to promote the music and the culture.

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    Our Team Addressing Major Issues Hindering Student Success.

        Such as *Drug Addicton I *Prescription Pill Abuse I *Sex Trafficking  I  & *Drug Overdoses                                                                                                                                                                        

    Our Team Addressing Major Issues Hindering Student Success.

               Such as *Drug Addicton I *Prescription Pill Abuse I *Bullying  I  & *Drug Overdoses                                                                                                                                                                        
Hip Hop Hope is a well planned and organized  event designed for national high schools and youth programs, that will educate students and young adults on hot topic issues that are prominent within their school and/or community.

Each performance will have a mix of hip hop artist's and educated speakers, geared towards addressing the issue(s) that we're designing our event around. At the end of each engagement, we will give away resouce postcards for The Hope Line, a 24/7 help avenue geared towards the youth.

How does the program work in schools?

It is our intent to work with the Superintendent of each school district to create a program that's custom designed for their market. Our goal is to create programs taylor made to their specific needs. This will include one rap artist and one speaker. After every week of working with that selected school system, we will provide a PTA meeting to educate and Q&A session for the parents about any and all specific issues that their youths are facing.

How does the platform work in youth programs?

We will work with the Youth Director to create a concept designed for their young adult clientele. With this setup, we can include 1-3 artist's with 1-3 speakers as well. This can be geared more as a concert or rally depending on the directors guidance that they give us. If needed, we can provide a parent Q&A with resources as well.

Add ons: We can also provide sound systems, DJ's, celebrity speakers, and national touring artist's. This will all be on the application.

How to bring Hip Hop Hope to your program?

You can either talk to one of our reps or fill out the application on this site and email it to us. One of our client reps will give you a call back and start building your customized event.

Why did we infact start Hip Hop Hope?

We at here at "Kick It", are tired of seeing our youths being abused due to sex trafficking, suicides and drug overdoses, so we decided to make a difference. With our founder - Joe, who has gone through most of these issues growing up,  decided to use his experience and make it applicable to creating giving our youth the tools to overcome their issues.

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             "Too Cold" - Tripp Lee