Kick drugs with sober living, and come Kick It with us.

Kick It  & T he "Kick It Tour" is an organization  and culture started in America to  prevent, circumvent and end the addiction use of hard core drugs like Heroin, Opioids, Prescription and streets level, to create a better way and culture of living.  We also have extended this passionate fight to end the Sex Trafficking culture. So please join us in generating revenue to sponsor addicts at treatment centers, and rescuing victims of the trafficking industry,  in our efforts to save lives.
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Working With Luxury Treatment Centers
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"Kick It" will be working with Luxury Treatment & Recovery Centers, which provide services and amenities that resemble your normal daily life. We are focused on building very healthy and successful relationships which will have an immediate impact on patient care.
The tour within itself will be  filled with well known talented secular and Christian artists that have had their own personal struggles with a past addiction. but have come out on the other side of success to give their personal testimony.  
Kick It Tour founder I Joe Thomas & Executive President I Eric M. Tavares,  are sincerely committed to changing and saving lives.  Our focus is to educate. extend hope, and provide the necessary support system for many addicts and traffIc victims who desire  change.
                       I     Kick your addiction and the trap of trafficking, and join us inside the fruits of sober & safe living.